You know those days when you want get away from everybody, those me-times that all you want is a space from everyone.  You go to the bathtub and just lay in it, but after five minutes, you’re bored and you really want to go on Instagram or read a book. Well, you don’t have to be bored in the bath anymore; you can have your bath while being productive or having fun.

Nothing beats getting home after a long day and just taking long strides to step into the tub. The good news is, enjoying a long, hot bath has medicinal benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  1. Elevates your mood
  2. Cleanses and moisturizes the skin, hair and eyes
  3. Helps you breathe easier (especially when immersed in a bathtub)
  4. Calms the nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety levels in the body
  5. Relaxes your muscles, joints, and bones
  6. Body temperature will be optimal

As you would have experienced, sitting in a bathtub can get boring quickly. A bathtub tray solves all your boredom problems as it is the ideal blend of luxury and convenience. It can accommodate a book, e-reader, tablet, cell phone and pretty much any other thing you will love to have in the bathtub with you. You don’t have to worry about them dropping into the water. These are some of the benefits of the tray:

  1. Bathing doesn’t have to be boring anymore
  2. It comes in different types and sizes, with slots to accommodate your accessories
  3. If you love to just chill and read, a bathtub tray can help hold up the book instead of you having to hold it with your hand and risk soaking it with water
  4. A lot of life decisions are made in the bathroom, so you can go with your tab or note and make plans
  5. It is pretty romantic; you can place flowers, candles, beautiful linens and give it the best décor and theme you are trying to present
  6. Gives you that spa feeling, like you were in a five star hotel

You should have been convinced by now as to why you need a bathtub tray, to get the best bath experience. Selecting a perfect bath tray, however, could be little challenging.

There are a variety of bath tub trays. They vary in functionality, material and construction quality. We recommend the bamboo bathtub tray over other types of bath caddy. The Bamboo bathtub tray:

  • It is made up of bamboo which is stronger than wood
  • It is durable, eco-friendly and water-resistant.
  • It is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria
  • It is easy to find multiple features and functionalities in bamboo bathtub trays like: Book Holder, Wine Glass Holder, Cup Holder, Width Adjustment etc

There are a variety of bamboo bathtub trays but Pristine Bamboo Bathtub Tray is the perfect one. It offers all-in-one features that other bath caddies don’t – such as:

  • It is made up of Organic Bamboo and there is no toxic MDF used anywhere
  • It is expandable from 29.5 inches to 43 inches – making it suitable for wide variety of bath tubs including claw foot tub, free standing tub and garden tub
  • The non-slip silicone grips keep this portable bamboo bathtub tray in place on a ceramic or cast iron bathtub, even if your tub has a narrow ‘lip’.
  • It has many features like: Adjustable Book Holder, Wine Glass Holder, iPhone Holder, Candle/Cup Holder


A bathtub tray screams class and luxury, that’s why it is the perfect gift to give, especially to women. So instead of entertaining boredom, you should get the Pristine Bamboo bathtub tray and have fun while enjoying a nice bath.

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