Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

  • w/Handles and Juice Grooves | Non-slip Wooden Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block), Vegetables, Fruits
  • Perfect Serving Board (18 x 12)” by Pristine Bamboo


BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN COOKING SHOW! You’ll feel like a Food Network pro with our butcher block. With this heavy and high quality kitchen chopping board you’ll have the ideal bamboo cutting board to slice and dice all day and create finely cut slices of meat and veggies resulting in mouthwatering gourmet dishes. Our chef cutting board is also durable enough to take a beating whether you’re using a long knife or a cleaver to work through tough bones and joints.

OTHER BOARDS ARE ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK! Our large bamboo cutting board is a step above the competition. With perfectly spaced deep juice grooves that trap anything that flows out, plus the non-slip pads that keep it in place this kitchen cutting board addresses all of your concerns and keeps your workspace clean. It is heavier than most other brands. We take pride in creating wood cutting boards that professional and amateur chefs can rely on to create succulent dishes with perfect knife work.

THIS CHOPPING BOARD STAYS PERFECTLY IN PLACE. This wood chopping block was carefully designed to be an efficient tool that’s better than other chopping boards that slide around when being used, resulting in a less-than-safe way to test just how sharp your knife really is. Our wood cutting block is designed with non-slip pads on the bottom so it’ll stay in place every time you use it. The bamboo chopping board is also extra thick so there’s no need to be concerned about your counter-top.

A FUN MULTI-PURPOSE CARVING BOARD. Whether you’re using it to prep dishes or as a cutting board for all of your favorite products, our wooden chopping board is elegant enough to do both. Slice up some different cheeses, cut some bread and spread some fruit. Serve it on our butchers block and walk it out to your guests for a fun and enticing lunchtime spread that’s sure to be the center of attention for you and your friends.

A CLEAN CHOPPING EXPERIENCE. This incredible large wooden cutting board is made with the highest quality of bamboo, Moso bamboo. Known for its durability and its ease of cleaning, you’ll never have to worry about cross-contaminating your food. Our antimicrobial cutting board lessens the risk associated with consuming raw meat. Butcher a chicken or use it as a wood serving board, it’s easily cleaned and maintained. The cleanest experience of any cheese, fruit, vegetable or meat cutting board.

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