When it comes to beautifying or organizing your home, finding the most suitable and toxin-free products can be a daunting task – considering there are so many choices available like bamboo products.

However, bamboo-based products are superior for your homeware and kitchenware needs due to their beauty, strength, versatility and durability. Read on as I unveil to you what bamboo can be used for, its outstanding benefits and why it’s the material you should use for a variety of purposes.

Arguably, bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing grass. Yes, it is grass. Many people refer bamboo as bamboo wood but that is not true. Bamboo is eco-friendly and a sustainable building material that can be used for structural or decorative projects like fencing, flooring, roofing and homeware items. In addition to its versatility, bamboo products, when compared to other wood products, offers unique benefits.

Bamboo products, when compared to other wood products, has a lot of amazing qualities that make it stand out:

1. Strength and durability

Naturally, bamboo is designed to possess strength – with its unique composition making it lightweight and flexible. Bamboo is stronger than other hardwoods, and it has high tensile.

Furthermore, unlike most hardwoods, bamboo has a unique chemical composition, which makes it better suited for gluing and makes it sturdier and more durable.

2. Pricing and availability

Bamboo grows much faster – as less as 6 weeks. It is very easy and economical to cultivate bamboo. It just needs suitable weather and sufficient water – no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals. These make, bamboo a cheaper alternative to wood.

3. Versatility

Bamboo can be used for several purposes, below are some of its common uses:

  • Furniture making
  • Interior and exterior decoration
  • Making kitchen cabinets, among others.

Bamboo offers an appealing option for projects. And can endure different climatic conditions. With appropriate maintenance, bamboo products can last for decades. Also, bamboo is sustainable, strong, and suitable for different projects.

4. Color range

Bamboo, depending on its species can reflect several color choices ranging from dark red to dark brown. Typically, color can be added by woodworkers to get the color of their choice and make the wood look different. Bamboo when colored actually look more beautiful with time, it doesn’t discolor, and also it can be stained to add beauty with any color of your choice.

Now you have known the impressive, positive qualities of bamboo-based products. In addition, compared to other composite woods, bamboo has no harmful emissions.

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  1. Kuri Chiku says:

    Bamboo is an Organic Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative Products for every day use. There is no longer an excuse for single use plastics and we should look to use bamboo products to reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans.

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