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Our Story


Elite means ‘Supreme’ and ‘Instinct’ means ‘Natural Tendency’. We strive to instill a ‘Naturally Supreme’ attitude towards our products and customer service – meaning we only want the best. We design out products very carefully for the sake of our customers. Through thorough research and feedback collected from thousands of customers, our products and our brand is now a preeminent leader in the marketplace. Our customer service is no different than our product quality. It will always exceed your expectations. 60% of our business is from existing customers, meaning the experience our customers receive inspires them to come back again and again.

We are an eco-friendly company:

We were raised to believe in the power and the beauty of the Earth. That’s why, when we were presented with production options that would facilitate manufacturing at the cost of the environment, we said no. Instead, we worked hard to establish a framework of sustainability for every product we make today. Sustainability means giving back just as much as you borrow. All our suppliers are certified, we support fair labor, safe working conditions, and a 100% green supply chain. In the end, that’s why our customers believe in us. Our customers are savvy and want what is best for the world – because it’s best for them. Our products are durable and last for life. Creating a business or people who act with the same indelible effort is what propels us forward. If you ever have an issue with any of our products, please contact us and we will get back to you right away.